Trainings in Slovakia as part of the Employability in Progress project

In the period from 15.08.2022 to 23.08.2022 in Kosice, Slovakia, training courses were held as part of the Employability in Progress project. The project was hosted by EDUSTEPS, and implemented in cooperation with INPRO, GEYC, CEFE Macedonia, MVNGO, Long-Term Planning. The participants from Macedonia, was supported by CEFE MACEDONIA.

As part of this project, the two participants who represented our country had the task of carrying out an activity, with the aim of transferring the knowledge they acquired during the training. On 19th of September a workshop and panel discussion was held on the topic “How to solve the problem of the emigration of young people from Macedonia?”.

The current economic problems that our country is facing were presented, and then solutions to specific problem situations were sought, from which a fruitful discussion developed.