CEFE Macedonia and the world

In period, august – september 2014, CEFE Macedonia collaborated with its partners on developing two projects under Erasmus+ , KA2 – Strategic Partnerships:

  1. Strategic partnership – Capacity building in the field of youth, for collaboration on the project for combating youth unemployment “GET YES”, with our world partners: “Platforma Aurea” from Chile, Philippines CEFE Network Foundation INC, Business Work Ltd – Jamaica and CEFE International – Germany.
  2. Strategic partnerships in the field of youth, on a project about creating “Transition Resources And Career Services For Youth With Disabilities” with our partners: “ActGlobal” from UK, “ELIX – Conservation Volunteers” Greece, “CEIPES” – Italy, “GÖNÜL ERLERİ” from Turkey and “Centrul de Excelenta Academica” from Romania.

With this experience our team strengthened it’s partners network, showed excellent product development devotion and research results in the field, committing our mission to enhance people’s competences worldwide.