„ToT and coaching for future entrepreneurship ambassadors”

Financed by: Erasmus + KA1

Period of realization: 01.06.2015 – 01.10.2016

Organizers: LIFOS Youth Group

Implemented by: CEFE Macedonia

Goal: Creating competent trainers and leaders to be licensed entrepreneurship trainers who will use the world famous CEFE Methodology.

Specific objectives:
– Increase participants’ competence in state of the art of CEFE methodology application.
– Enhance familiarity with methodology recent tools and exercises and develop the ability to create new exercises and training programs.
– Observation and certification of participants for becoming licensed CEFE trainers who will work nationally and internationally.
– Strengthen the capacities of organizations in the process of taking actions for tackling the growing youth unemployment, raising their capacity to deliver entrepreneurship trainings, generation of revenue and opening the door for new international collaborations on similar topics.
– Strengthening the CEFE network organizations through Europe and partner countries.
– Building common ideas and projects for multiplying events.