Project VI

Four participants from Macedonia attended the training course Project VI in Swindon, United Kingdom in the period August 17-23. The aim of the training course was to increase the opportunities available for blind and visually impaired young people in the realm of international non-formal education projects. The training was financed by Erasmus+, and was organized by Act Global, a non-profit organisation that offers training, volunteering & cultural exchanges, in partnership with Victa, organization that helps blind and partially sighted children in the UK. The training was attended by a group of 30 people from five countries: United Kingdom, Poland, Romania, Greece and Macedonia, and CEFE was the partnering organization that provided logistical support for participants from Macedonia.


Project VI was one of a kind experience that helped participants to improve their competencies for working with visually impaired and disabled young people, to learn how to address the needs of visually impaired and disabled people, and how to include  visually impaired youth in ongoing or future activities. Furthermore, this training was an excellent opportunity for inter-cultural awareness and experience exchange among participants from the five countries.

During the training course, a Family Weekend was organized for 60 families with blind or partially sighted children. This was an opportunity for participants to get involved and in a range of activities with visually impaired children and their families. Most of the activities were outdoor adventures and sports, such as raft building, quad biking, giant swings, zip wires and many more. Voluntering their time, selfless devotion and skills, training participants interacted with visually impaired children and their families, and assisted them through the various activities. And, above all, this experience was a stimuli for training participants to become advocates for inclusion work with blind and visually impaired young people, seeing the importance of creating equal opportunities for VI children to reach their full potential and lead a happy and healthy life.