Project INVEST promoted on TEDx Fulbright in Santa Monica, USA

“The US Embassy decided to organize meet-ups in Macedonia about the MOOC Beyond Silicon Valley in transition economies. One of the meet ups was organized in Bitola. After hundreds and hundreds of students I met the smallest group with 4 students: Natasha, Elena, Jovan and Iskra, which are working in NGO sector and business sector giving support to the entrepreneurs. I came there to give them the certificates. But they told me about the idea to make videos on the same topics like in MOOC. With my support they got the grant from the US Embassy and now their videos are even shown on national television.” says Professor Mickael Goldberg in his TED talk during the global conference in Santa Monica, USA last week.

In 2012 as a Fulbright student, Professor Goldberg together with his family moved to Vietnam. Every day he and his kids were admiring a 23 year girl that was selling chicken on the street. His daughter made a video about that. That video becomes an inspiration for his later work, making the videos for the Beyond Silicon Valley MOOC, because of its interesting, documentary style. Beyond Silicon Valley MOOC illustrates the Cleveland story, Ohio and now is followed in 90 countries, with about 58.000 students, and has translation in 14 languages. The MOOC was inspiration for 3 other stories. One of these three stories insipid by the MOOC was the Macedonian story or the “Why go abroad when you can stay and invest in your country” project, implemented by CEFE Macedonia, in partnership with FORUM 16 and the Centre for Sustainable Education, funded by the US Embassy in Macedonia.

“They took the lessons from the MOOC and applied them in the local community. MOOC has inspired local heroes all around the world.” concludes Professor Goldberg.

We will announce the presentation of Prof. Goldberg next week.