Partners Meeting in Potenza, Italy

On 11th  and 12th of January 2019, in Potenza, Italy, CEFE Macdonia participated in the second international meeting, together with the project partners GEGED from Turkey, AEDDP from Greece, EURO NET from Italy and BASD from Bulgaria,  which was held in the framework of the Experiential Pedagogy of the Oppressed for Adults.

This project aims to develop the skills of the migrants and help them in their social integration by developing their competencies and by teaching them how to avoid or overcome conflicts by improving living conditions, literacy, access to public services, ICT and language skills and by encouraging the intercultural learning and physical and social development; through the development of training activities and the creation of various intellectual products, including research on their needs and a handbook which will be used by the trainers and the experts who are going to work with this target group.

At this moment, we are working on the final development of a free manual containing concrete methodologies and working practices for those working in the sector, which will be tested in 2 training courses, one in Turkey ( held in November 2018) and another in Macedonia (which will be conducted in July 2019). This manual is produced in English and in all languages ​​of the partnership (Turkish, Italian, Greek, Bulgarian and Macedonian) and will be distributed free of charge to all interested parties in order to serve as an operational tool-kit.