Invitation to panel discussion with Mr. Michael Goldberg in Bitola

Dear all,

CEFE Macedonia team, together with the US Embassy in Macedonia, invite you to take an active part in the panel discussion “Development of entrepreneurship in Pelagonia region”, which will be held on the first of June (Wednesday) 2016, at Hotel Millennium – Bitola. The event runs from 13h to 15h.

Exclusive guest of the event will be Prof. Michael Goldberg, who will share world experiences and tips how he helped various ecosystems of the United States through Europe to Africa and Asia.

Why such an event? Through our work on the project “Why go abroad when you can stay and develop your country,” we saw a variety of programs that stimulate entrepreneurship in almost every region of Macedonia. But there is a gap between the leaders of public institutions and their efforts to support entrepreneurship, current market opportunities for doing business and the needs and readiness of entrepreneurs. That gap is a place where there is a need to work on creating new programs and processes that consistently and measurably will stimulate economic growth.

What is the goal? Networking and promotion of existing actors and ways to support and develop entrepreneurship in Pelagonia region and create new ideas and policies for the operation in the future.

In one day it is impossible to cover all of the characteristics and processes of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Pelagonia so we will focus on the following:

  • introduction of prof. Michael Goldberg to present and exchange opinions and advice,
  • reviewing some of the barriers to the creation and development of new companies, and how to solve,
  • Identify the steps that policymakers can take to develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country,
  • finding innovative ideas for cooperation between actors in the system, thus resulting in high-growth entrepreneurship.

We will be happy if You as an entrepreneurial minds, leaders and supporters honor us with your presence, which can potentially grow into an expert group that will continue to generate ideas and programs for economic empowerment of the region.

Please inform us of your presence: or 075 830 203 Elena, 078 437 267 Jovan

Thank you, and we expect you in large number!


With respect,

Jovan Stalevski

President of CEFE Macedonia