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CEFE Macedonia is an organization founded in 2008 in Skopje, Macedonia and we work mainly with youth and organizations for promoting and raising entrepreneurship and self employability skills. The mission of CEFE Macedonia is to improve entrepreneurial performance of economic actors by stimulating entrepreneurship and business development skills. We believe and work towards building entrepreneurial society and teach people to be innovators and entrepreneurs. Our main standards in work are proficiency and professionalism in everything we are doing. Our main activities are trainings, consultancy and workshops.

CEFE works according to the CEFE methodology that stands for Competency based Economies through Formation of Entrepreneurs and represents an accumulation of instruments for entrepreneurship training combined with active and dynamic approach to work and methods of empirical learning in order to develop and improve managerial and individual skills. So far, this methodology has proved as successful approach in promotion of development of small and medium enterprises, new jobs, generating revenue and economic growth.

Goals: The main goals of CEFE Macedonia are the following:

  • to organize trainings and workshops in the field of entrepreneurship, raising the awareness of the importance of the self-employability;
  • to offer business knowledge for start-ups and expansion of already existing companies;
  • to facilitate, coordinate and implement projects in sustainable economic development;
  • to collect and disseminate the comprehensive knowledge for the CEFE methodology;
  • to enable constant development of CEFE tools;
  • to encourage regional and international economic cooperation and exchange.

CEFE Macedonia:

  • Provides support to those who want to start a business or develop the already existing though organization of business trainings according to the CEFE methodology and offering expert advices;
  • Cooperates with organizations for support of entrepreneurship in order to motivate them to create favorable environment for entrepreneurship development

Vision of the CEFE Macedonia is the organization to become well-established institution that will provide professional services for office work and incubation of the business environment in the region.

Membership: CEFE Macedonia is part of the global CEFE network of organization working in nearly 140 countries in the world which is coordinated by CEFE International Germany.


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