How to get better trainers through NLP techniques

CEFE Macedonia has launched a strategic project to create and improve the competences of trainers in Macedonia, Germany, Romania and Italy.

The purpose and focus of this partnership will be to research and create materials for a specific part of non-verbal communication – facial expressions. Why? Because only this part of our body has remained unchanged in human evolution influenced by culture, social environment and geographical position.

What will we deliver in the next two years? A book called “Mimika”, as well as software for recognizing and learning facial expressions with the help of fast-moving technology – augmented reality.

The benefits of these products are improved training skills and confidence in formal and non-formal education.

Project partners are:

– Training and consulting center “Trainifique Romania” from Bucharest, Romania,

– Consortium of experts, trainers and consultants “InforElea Italy” from Turin, Italy,

– Solaris VET Center from Leipzig, Germany and

– CEFE Macedonia, as an organization that is a network of trainers and consultants for experiential learning around the world.

We will be collaborating with academics, trainers and NLP experts from December 2019 to December 2021 thanks to the Erasmus + program of the European Commission and the Romanian National Agency for Mobility and Education.

Do you think you can contribute to this extraordinary project, or do you want to upgrade your competencies? Email us at