Youth-led Community Development training was held in Baku / Azerbaijan

“Youth-led Community Development” Training Course was held in Baku / Azerbaijan on 09-17 September 2019.

Gələcəyə Körpü|Bridge to the Future organized 7-days long training course as a part of “Youth Resource Centre for Employability, Entrepreneurship Education and Community Development (YRC)” Youth Capacity Building project.

YRC focuses on competence development of the youth workers that will be carrying the activities at the local level in their communities for employability, entrepreneurship education and community development.

Training course aimed to empower participants and equip them with competencies to take an active role in community development and to make better use of existing learning opportunities for increasing their employability. Training included international exchange of good practices, training through non-formal education methods and supported participants to develop new initiatives that will be implemented at the local level.