“You can not give something if you don’t know what the others want”

This is the motto of the project GET YES 2 within the research that is unfolding in 6 countries around the world: Macedonia, Venezuela, Bulgaria, Uganda, Turkey, and the Philippines. 

More than 20 researchers, this February 2021, are investigating the needs and skill gaps of young people for running and opening their business. Also, the researchers are asking the organizations that support young entrepreneurs what capacities they want to develop more in order to give better services for raising youth employment.

For setting the ground and everyone being on the same page, on February 8th, 2021, the consortium organized a preparatory meeting with all the researchers and mentors to level the expectations and goals from this outstanding research. 

The two hours meeting resulted in the following topics:

  1. Researchers meet each other and the partner organizations,
  2. Short brief of the project and getting the big picture of how their task is fitting in the project framework,
  3. Expectations and fears between researchers and coordinators, 
  4. Understand the goal, process, and tasks for the research, 
  5. Review the predicted questionnaires together, and clarify their content,
  6. Review the expected report and results. 
  7. Clarify questions and answers from the meeting participants.

If you are an organization that supports the next generations of young people and is willing to contribute to the research fill the questionnaire here.

And, if you are a young person between 15 and 35 y.o, and you feel that you can change something with your answers, tell us what you need to be a global entrepreneur here.