Training for Innovative and non-conventional models of financing SME’s – videos and materials

“Innovation is not about finding what is missing in the market and then inventing it. Innovation is about inventing the market.

Good entrepreneurs come up with things which are not needed. Things which people still don’t know that they need. Things which they have to convince people that they need.

Can you imagine yourself without a laptop, a phone, a car, even without electricity? None of these things were necessary, but maybe the world would’ve been a worse place without them.”

With these words Mr. Sam Vaknin have marked his speech  in the training “Innovative and non-conventional models of financing SME’s.”


The training was held on 11.14.2015, at the Chamber of Commerce in Skopje. The idea for the training came from the rich feedback of our customers, as a follow up of the project “Invest – why go abroad when you can stay and develop your country?”


Mr. Sam Vaknin, presented vast number of innovative models of SME financing, thus opening our view  to horizon who very few know that it exists, and much less see it. List of all presented forms you can find on the following link:

Besides Mr. Sam Vaknin, the training was opened by Mr. Zoran Vitanov who spoke about the importance of entrepreneurship and creation of entrepreneurs in Macedonia and for the significant work of CEFE Macedonia in this field since 2008.

Mr. Janko Trenkoski from KB First Pension Company, through its professional experience and personal career in an interesting way captured the importance of these forms of financing, especially the importance in the initial years of businesses.

Ms. Katarina Krecheva Fund for innovation and technological development, in a detailed presentation to present the Fund’s products for supporting innovative businesses in R.Mcedonia.


The videos of the speeches of Mr. Sam Vaknin and the other guests You can find on the following Youtube playlist:




Many thanks to all the speakers for their contribution to this training.

We apologize for the technical problems and breakdowns in the recorded speech of Mr. Sem Vaknin.