Training Course | Swindon, England , United Kingdom

The course aim to give confidence to those developing international activities under the Erasmus + programme the confidence and skills to engage VI and Blind young people into their future projects.

The aim of the training course is to increase the opportunities available for blind and VI (visually impaired) young people in the realm of international non-formal education projects. There are many organisation that deliver this international work but are unaware or unconfident on how to include these young people. The objective of the course is to bring together organisation that already deliver international project and support them to obtain the skill to engage blind and VI young people, learn how to make adaption to the activities they already deliver and make their project more accessible. We want the project to conclude with partners writing application for further international work that include they young people.

About the Training

The focus on both parts of the course is inclusion, ultimately this is what we want participants to take from this course. Leaving the course, participants will have the skill and knowledge in how to create an international project that includes blind and VI young people. Attitude and behaviour is harder to change, through our project we hope that the topic, information and interaction with blind and VI young people will inspire this change.

To reinforce the learning we are asking the participants to work in reflective journals, which will play an important part in the learning process and support their professional development. We will also have daily reflection groups where we will get participants feed back everyday.

Also, participants who attended the first part of the course will be asked to deliver as transfer this learning to the young people (i.e. the guiding aspects). This delivery will be assessed by trainers and participants will be asked to reflect on this process.

The course will not just be passive for the blind and VI young people. We want them to learn about the international dimension of non-formal education, how to access further opportunities and learn about the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Other skills that we hope participants will take from this course are:

– Improved competency of youth workers working with visually impaired and disabled young people

– Young people becoming advocates and champions for inclusion work with blind and VI young people

– Greater understanding and responsiveness to social diversity

– Increased ability to address the needs of visually impaired and disabled people

– Increased self-empowerment and self-esteem of visual impaired young people

– Enhanced inter-cultural awareness of the participants

– How to make an international project with Blind and VI young people

– Increased motivation for taking part in future (formal/non-formal) education after the project

– Increased motivation for visually impaired and disabled young people to partake in outdoor activities and sports

– Increased awareness and understanding of the European project and the EU values
Target audience for the course:

This course is aimed at people aged 18+ and ideally working or volunteering in a setting that provides international youth work such as exchanges, training or volunteer service.

CEFE Macedonia is a partnership organization of this project. If you wish to apply click here.

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