The booklet: Turning Young People’s Needs into an Action Plan for Inclusive Community Growth

The booklet is intended as a learning resource to support non-formal training on Porject Cycle Management (PCM) in the frame of youth work and community development, with a focus on how PCM could be experimented with non-formal education and theatre.

Overall the booklet aims to provide inspiration and guidelines to provide youth workers with knowledge, key competences and practical tools needed for the development and delivery of community-based projects that responds to identified young people community’s needs. During the training participants are guided through the various stages of project cycle management and engaged to successfully turn common ideas into an action plan that responds to identified young people community’s needs. PCM is combined with non-formal education and theatre of the oppressed: image theatre is used to explore internal or external oppression, unconscious thoughts and feelings related to beneficiaries and target groups, helping participants to get more in depth within the analysis phase; forum theatre serves as a forum for engaging participants to find creative solutions to identified problems and plan the strategies they need to change their world; through team building and cooperative learning  participants work as a team and learn from each other.

To download the booklet:

Booklet_Turning Young People’s Needs