Successfully implemented trainings for financial literacy

In the period April – June 2022, Financial literacy trainings were held in North Macedonia through education about savings skills.

The trainings and workshops were held in a relaxed atmosphere for learning and discussions.

We had a total of 50 participants from Skopje, Kocani, Prilep, Bitola, Struga, Kumanovo, Radovish, Strumica, Tetovo, Ohrid, Dojran and other cities in Macedonia, which indicates that online workshops give everyone the opportunity regardless of their location.

The participants of the trainings gained:

  • Understanding of simple financial concepts such as income, expense, savings, credit, and inflation.
  • Preparation, monitoring and analysis of personal and family budget.
  • Ability to identify current and future wants and needs.
  • Understanding the purpose and benefits of saving.
  • Understanding the different forms of savings, as well as the differences between good and bad financial institutions – risk, benefits, etc.
  • Increasing the quality of life of participants and their families through improved financial literacy.
  • The participants also said that in addition to the interesting working methodology and financial terms, they were introduced to digital skills for work such as zoom, drive and form.

The most important thing is that all the participants stated that they have a great experience, wonderful socializing and education through fun and games.

The trainers were Elena Gagacheva, Valentina Todoroska and Valentina Zafiroska (from CEFE Macedonia). Katerina Misirkova (from Junior Achievement Macedonia), Ana Simonovska and Ivana Janeska Stamenkovska (from the Association of Agroeconomists of Macedonia) which are professionals in their fields: consultants, trainers, professors, managers, coordinators, teachers.

They invested more than 10 days of training and coaching with the German Sparkassenstiftung Master Trainers. They are now more ready to contribute to the economic development of Macedonia and the region

The trainings were organized by the Association of Agroeconomists of Macedonia, Junior Achievement Macedonia and CEFE Macedonia. With the support of the German Sparkassenstiftung in Albania and Macedonia.