Social Business Training in Poland

In a beautiful and dynamic environment like the city of Torun- the native town of Nikola Copernicus, from 29 June to 9 July 2017, three participants from CEFE Macedonia, had the opportunity to experience a very interesting and highly educative training “Social Business”. Kristijan, Sonja and Aleksandra were representatives of the non-governmental organization CEFE Macedonia and were hosted by the Polish Foundation “Dobry Rozvoj ” which was actually the organizer of this training and coordinator od the whole project.

This training was of particular interest to participants, the  youngsters,  primarily because of the topic “Social Entrepreneurship” which is scarce in our country and there is no adequate basis upon which it can be developed, but we are especially happy that in Poland we met excellent intellectuals, lecturers and people who kept our focus and managed to encourage us to think about raising the awareness of social inclusion in the Republic of Macedonia.

The trainings were conducted in four modules each day and included creative workshops, lectures by experts, visiting social enterprises, sharing experiences with representatives from other countries and developing legal possibilities. The final product and the ultimate goal of the training was creating methods and tools that will help us to implement all our knowledge in the future in order to raise the awareness of social entrepreneurship in our country.