Results from the program for self-employment of UNDP, AVRM, APPRM and MTSP

In 2015 the consultants of CEFE Macedonia – Dean Stojanovski and Jovan Stalevski joined the self-employment project which is realized by the Agency for Employment of Republic of Macedonia (AVRM) with her employment centers, the Ministry of labor and social politics (MTSP), the program for development of the United Nations (UNDP) and the Agency for Entrepreneurial Support of Republic of Macedonia (APPRM).

For the project’s needs the consultants made 6 business plans all of which got grants for realization of the business idea. We congratulate the entrepreneurs and are open to give them additional support in the future.

Cycle Business Plan Entrepreneur City Placed on the business plan competition Consultant
2015/2 Hairdresser and cosmetic studio „Ema Plays“ Emilija Kostadinoska Prilep 2 Jovan Stalevski
2015/2 Auto-eclectics service „AutoMoto Zoki“ Zoran Petrovski Prilep 4 Jovan Stalevski
2015/1 Web design „Ariduraа“ Nikola Naumovski Bitola 5 Dean Stojanovski
2015/1 Bistro „Medrano“ Zaneta Zdravkovska Village Novaci 7 Jovan Stalevski
2015/1 Music studio „Dragor Mall“ Igor Temelkovski Bitola 15 Jovan Stalevski
2015/1 Commercials studio „Studio Kochov“ Vlatko Kochov Bitola 24 Dean Stojanovski


Results of cycle 1 you can find here.

Results of cycle 2 you can find here.