Project Ideas for strengthening of entrepreneurship

The team of CEFE is full with new ideas in the second quarter of 2016. As a result of our continuous efforts to create new generations of entrepreneurs, we always try to walk along with your needs, recognizing the challenges you face.

In this regard, CEFE Macedonia team began with a rapid pace. We partnered with numerous domestic and International organizations and mapped our beneficiary’s needs. Converting the needs of the entrepreneurial ecosystems in project ideas – you can read more below in the text. At the same time we invite you to give us your suggestions, feedback – together to continue our cooperation in the future.

What we want to achieve with the new projects that was applied for funding during this quarter?

  • Increasing Youth Employment Opportunities – Project proposal for strengthening more multipliers who works in the field of employment. It is perceived to be a ToT for experiential method of training for soft skills. A partnership with our Turkish collaborators from Horizon Youth Group.
  • Social Entrepreneurship Values for Global Impact (SEVGI) – Project for giving advanced knowledge and skills to young people to dive into social entrepreneurship models and benefits. Partnership with CEFE Kayseri Youth Group.
  • New generations of entrepreneurs– We translated our initiative “Invest in” (implemented in Macedonia) in Pan European massive open on-line course with case studies from entrepreneurial ecosystems in Spain, Turkey, Italy, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and EU. (Erasmus Plus, K2)
  • Active Entrepreneurial Eco System (AEES) – We aim to promote dialogue and cooperation between governmental organizations and CSOs, and to improve civil society organizations’ effectiveness in promoting a healthy eco-system for business and social entrepreneurs.