Panel Discussion: “How to develop entrepreneurship in Pelagonia region?”

On the 1st of June, in organization of CEFE Macedonia and the US Embassy in Macedonia was held panel discussion on topic “Development of entrepreneurship in Pelagonia region” in Hotel Millenium Bitola.

Guest speaker on this panel was Prof..Michael Goldberg from Case Western Reserve University who shared experiences from different corners from the world and tips of support for  various ecosystems: from the United States through Europe to Africa and Asia.

The cooperation between CEFE Macedonia and Prof. Goldberg began two years ago under the project: “Why go abroad when you can stay and invest in your country”, which was implemented by the CEFE team. It intensively continued in the next period by undertaking various activities and exchanging experiences from the United States how to support the development of entrepreneurship in Macedonia. This panel discussion was is one of these activities.

In this event the participants had the opportunity to hear about ways of support and development of entrepreneurship in Pelagonia region and to create new ideas and policies for the operation in the future. Some of the topics of discussion were:

– World experiences for support of entrepreneurship,

– Barriers to the creation and development of new companies, and how to solve them

– Identification of the steps that policymakers can take to develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country,

– Finding innovative ideas for cooperation between actors in the system, thus resulting in high-growth entrepreneurship, etc.

Media coverage of the event:


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