Open call for journalists/researchers

CEFE Macedonia is looking for researches, journalists, creative writers, for an exciting assignment – to create a content for Entrepreneurship Magazine.

What is the goal?

The goal of this intellectual output is:

  • to develop a wider understanding of entrepreneurship,
  • to give an insight how the theory is used by entrepreneurs in order to create sustainable and successful businesses,
  • to inspire new ideas and learn from the practices of other entrepreneurs;

Candidates can apply for one or more topics in the desired field and is expected to make an article of at least 15 pages on the following topics:

Magazine 1

– Entrepreneurship Policy in Macedonia: National strategy and the Implementation Plan of the Strategy, plan that will provide an outlook of the policy in real life, and the results.

– Social entrepreneurship: Examples of social businesses from Macedonia, and other examples from Europe that can be applied in the Balkan countries.

Magazine 2

– Entrepreneurship: Examples of successful businesses from Macedonia, and other examples from Europe that can be applied in the Balkan countries.

Magazine 3

– Innovation approach of management, leadership and entrepreneurship styles examples from real life: financial management and human resources.

– Innovation approach of organizational management strategies of entrepreneurs, strategy of communication, examples from real life communication, and finance.

Magazine 4

– Innovation approach of create production/ services, logistics, sales, customer relations, distribution and pricing.

– Innovation approach on marketing.

NB: all above topics are preferable to content real life examples, interviews or testimonials.


  • Excellent Macedonian and English writing skills
  • Able to articulate ideas & write engaging content
  • Candidates will have a flexible work schedule with tangible deadline


  • Paid contribution per day.
  • The role is based remotely so you can be situated in any location.
  • The full credit and author by line will be given to text, media, and photos published.

Interested to apply?

All candidates are encouraged to apply no later than 30 October 2017 with their:

  • CV (up to date)
  • financial offer (that will include number of working days and expected gross honorary)
  • short description how best will accomplish the task
  • and links to you social media channels, blogs, existing publications and/or projects (if available).

Please send your applications to and with subject: IO2-expert-applicant-NameSurname

Further reading about the assignment:

About the magazine:

The magazine will have 4 numbers,

  • Magazine number 1 and 2 will facilitate the understanding of youth how to develop their business ideas and the magazine will contain examples of business and entrepreneur styles in order to get inspired to develop their own ideas. The magazine will help the youth to identify their own business idea or social enterprise idea based on the examples, will provide best practices, advices from entrepreneurs, case studies, motivational readings, tools for entrepreneurs. The magazine will offer a large number of examples and will explain the social, economic and political context of entrepreneurship from Macedonia and Europe.
  • Magazine numbers 3 and 4 will give the necessary practical example of organizational management, logistics, financial management and human, production/ services and human resource management. The magazine will contain inspirational example that the youth will learn in order to identify what is better for the business idea.

Learning objectives from the magazines:

  • to understand and know about: entrepreneurship in order to get off to the best start possible; key qualities and leadership styles associated with successful entrepreneurs and what role they play in the economy; start-up and customer development techniques; what kinds of businesses can be started with very little capital and what types of non-profit resources are available to those who are interested in pursuing a new line of work; how the social, economic and political context is influences the entrepreneurship activity and business;
  • to identify a market for the business ideas

The target audience of readers are young people aged 15 – 35 years, primarily living in Balkan countries and probably in South Europe (Spain).

The magazine will be a different approach for the youth because this kind of free tailor context magazine are few in Balkan countries.

The magazine will be published online and in physic samples. It can be used in schools and Universities because they will provide update and new information about entrepreneurship, which in books aren’t available because of the large time spend in order to publish a book. The magazine will be available in English, with the summary and introduction in Romanian, Macedonian and Spanish.

The magazines are part of the project “Entrepreneurship Learning for Youth”