Let’s learn how to motivate ourselves to learn

You will all agree that the world we live in is rapidly developing and changing. Educational institutions have an administrative obstacle to quickly adapt to the constantly new knowledge that emerges daily. That’s why every person who wants to be successful in today’s world should accept the concept of “learning while you are alive” (Life Long Learning) and acquire skills for “learning driven by yourself” (Self Directed Learning).

For this purpose, CEFE Macedonia joined the international team of the project Self-Directed Learning Competencies for people neither in education, employment nor trainings – SDL4NEEET (Competencies for encouraging personal learning for people who are not in work, training or educational process).

The project team met in Riga, Latvia from 06 to 09 March 2023 to present the big picture to partners. The SDL4NEET project detects the need for changes in the way of learning and aims to adopt better skills among young people that will contribute to efficient, easy and fast learning. Perspectives and expectations related to the project were only part of the first meeting organized by IELN from Estonia project coordinator, DeM from Turkey, PRISMS from Malta. As representatives from CEFE Macedonia, J. Stalevski and V. Todoroska attended.

The concept of self-motivated learning consists of transferring competences to young people, which will help them take more responsibility for educational self-development, set goals and find learning sources that include an appropriate strategy but also evaluation of achievements.

We invite educators to join us who want to help at least 2-3 young people around them to return or get involved in the education or training process. The benefits for you are:

  • gaining experience and methodology for encouraging young people to be encouraged to learn from themselves,
  • подобрување и компетитивност во вашето работење преку вмрежување со интернационални едукатори, размена на искуства и учество на две обуки за обучувачи во Малта и Турција,
  • personal satisfaction, by doing a good deed if you mentor and help some young people around you to find their way to their learning, and thus their self-realization,
  • international recognition of your activities within the project through participation in international and national conferences.
  • royalties for contributing to the creation of a methodology for self-motivated learning.

We also invite all young people who are currently not involved in a formal educational process and are unemployed to join the project in order to receive:

  • skills on how to motivate yourself to learn in different ways without someone having to push you,
  • networking and participation in an international camp with 40 other young people from Estonia, Turkey, Macedonia and Malta,
  • information about your learning style and where there are opportunities to achieve your career and personal goals.

Anyone interested can contact us at info@cefe.mk