Harmonizing the project activities during Covid-19 pandemic

Representatives of the partner organization in the scope of Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership in the field of Adult Education `Sustainable Development Through Sport” project held an online meeting to harmonize the activities and vision of the project according to the situation with the pandemic and still maximize the impact of the project results.

The online meeting was hosted by the coordinator organization IKOS – Turkey, with the participation of organizations: Sport of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, CEFE Macedonia, POVOD – Slovenia, and Intercultura – France.

Partners remain committed to the overall aim of the project – to develop the key competencies and raise the knowledge of UN Sustainable Development Goals of adult educators/trainers and creating inclusive channels for women in NEET to empower our societies through using sports at local and international level.

In the following short-term period, this strategic partnership in the field of adult education will be working on specific objectives:

  • To held round tables, surveys, and meetings with stakeholders, to find out / analyze the challenges that led to the exclusion of women in NEET in partner countries.
  • To engage sports leaders, trainers, and experts to increase the knowledge of adult educators/trainers within the context of the relationship between “Key Competencies of Erasmus + Program and the Importance of Lifelong Learning” and UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Actually to produce a Manual for Adult Educators “Tool Development Through Sport”. To organize a training course for adult educators that will be held in October 2020 in France.

After the meeting of partners in Macedonia, in September 2020, the partnership will move forward with the other specific objectives:

  • To increase the usage of various sports tools in the field of adult education.
  • To increase the competence of Adult Educators / Trainers in thematic subjects such as Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Social, Cultural and Active Citizenship, Learning to Learn.
  • To create inclusive platforms led by and for Women to combat gender-based exclusion to achieve “Self-Expression, Social and Civic Participation, and Individual Learning Processes by creating sports opportunities.

We invite all interested parties who are dealing with the sport as a tool for education to achieve sustainable development through gender justice, and those who are combating gender-based exclusion that hinders women in NEET from empowering our societies, to contact us at info@cefe.mk for making this project impact greater.