Growing Entrepreneurship in Transitioning Economies – Macedonian Story

The name of this article actually is an online course which is running at American Corner – Bitola from July 23rd – August 17th 2015.

This course is free of charge and open to everyone, and will include a series of interesting video interviews and discussions with entrepreneurs from different parts of the country, founders, and business experts. Viewers will get simple, practical advice and information on how to start a business and identify funding sources in a tough economic environment. At the end of each video we will discuss and present information from the experience of facilitators Stalevski John and Elena Stojanovska, with a group of participants. You will learn through writing essays and quizzes on the topics of the course.

You will learn about the origins and the culture of entrepreneurship for this region, you will see as in past years, how through state funds were created and implemented major programs to support and create jobs through self-employment and counseling. Will meet entrepreneurs who risked and failed to take resources from those funds and have developed their businesses, and now sharing that experience with you. You will acquaint companies from information technology to agriculture sector who face the same challenges and successes that made Macedonian and world brands. Furthermore many professionals in the field of entrepreneurship will share their experience and advice for future entrepreneurs through stories from their professional and real life.

For all interested people who want to take part in the course please contact the facilitators: Jovan Stalevski or Elena Stojanovska

The content of the course is available here

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