Global Exchange and Training for Youth Employment Services

Project acronym: GET – YES

Financed by: EU Erasmus plus Program

K2 action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices


Implementer: CEFE Macedonia


CEFE International GmbH, Germany

Business Works Limited, Jamaica

Plataforma Áurea, Chile

Philippine CEFE Network Foundation, Philippines


Timeframe: 01.10.2015-31.05.2017

Main goal: to foster cooperation, exchanges, upgrade and roll out of good practices between the participating organizations specialized in employment generation, thus enhancing their capacities for reduction of youth unemployment, professionalization of youth workers and support of entrepreneurship.

Specific objectives:

–  to raise the capacities of partner organizations dealing with youth, through exchange of best practices of youth employment, human resource capacity building;

– to launch, test and implement youth work practices such: training tools, modules and methods for socio-professional development for 20 youth workers and trainers (member of the organizations in the Consortium), and methods promoting acquisition/improvement of competences of 200 young unemployed people (50% of them with fewer opportunities) after 1 year, around 50% will be employed;

– to develop compendium whit training modules and brochure of best practices for combating youth unemployment;

– to promote strategic cooperation between youth organizations and organizations in the education and training fields, as well with representatives from business and labor market;

– to enhance the management, innovation and internationalization of youth organizations in Partner countries.