Fourth online meeting as part of the project “GET YES 2”

As part of the project “GET YES 2” – Erasmus + KA2 – Capacity building in the field of youth/ACPALA, CEFE Macedonia and the project partners held the fourth online meeting on 27.01.2021. Besides the finalization of the desk research in all the project countries, which is to  be published soon, partners also discussed the following topics: 

  • EACEA meeting and guidance 
  • FAQ for beneficiaries
  • Guidance for use of the grant
  • Introduction of Project Management and Quality Plan – TASKS file
  • Researches for WP 2.2

All the topics were profoundly elaborated and all the partners agreed on the deadline for finishing the second report, which will include a survey about youth and their need for entrepreneurial training. The survey is to be done in January in all the partner countries: Macedonia, Venezuela, Turkey, Bulgaria, Uganda, and The Philippines.

Also, there was a short conversation about the ongoing partners meeting in Istanbul, Turkey.

The main motivation behind this project is to foster the cooperation, exchange, and upgrade of good practices between project countries with a final vision – new quality jobs through the creation of entrepreneurship mindset and culture among economic actors in the societies.