Encouraging entrepreneurial spirit among students

One of CEFE Macedonia members presented the activities of the organization, how CEFE methodology successfully creates entrepreneurs, and about upcoming meetings and workshops that will be organized in the framework of the current project “Why go abroad when you can stay and invest in your state” to students at the Faculty of Education – Bitola. The entire text from the faculty web http://www.pfbt.uklo.edu.mk/index.html

The project was organized in partnership with SEECEL (South East European centre for entrepreneurial learning), on 3/10/2015, for the students of the Faculty of Education in Bitola, relevant lectures on entrepreneurship held Ms. Rosita Talevska Hristovska Foundation BSC (Business Start Up Center) www.bscbitola.org and Mr. Jovan Stalevski, President of CEFE Makedonija http: //www.cefe.mk/

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