Coaching of entrepreneurship trainers

On September 19-20, 2020, in hotel Izgrev, Stip, coaching of the entrepreneurship trainers was held, who used the CEFE Methodology.

The purpose of the two-day training and coaching was to prepare the trainers for better organization and implementation of business skills training for young people from eastern Macedonia. At the event, the trainers prepared and implemented exercises (business simulations) on topics related to entrepreneurial competencies: identifying and strengthening personal entrepreneurial characteristics, selection and generation of business idea, entrepreneur environment and how to manage it, setting business goals, marketing plan, production and organization, financial plan and real business.

There is no better teacher than the practice, so the trainers learned from each other’s practice, giving and receiving feedback, as well as guidance from the senior trainers of CEFE Macedonia.

After a long time working online, this event was held live, respecting the protocols of the institutions and the hotel.

Protection protocols are provided and will be applied to business skills training for young people: rooms that provide a distance of one meter between participants, we provided masks for each participant, disinfectants, contactless thermometers to measure body temperature.

The training and coaching are conducted within the project “Creating Entrepreneurship Centers in Eastern Macedonia”, which is supported by the US Embassy in Skopje, Macedonia. The event aims to contribute to strengthening the capacities of the trainers from the two new entrepreneurship centers CEFE East, Stip, and CEFE Strumica in Strumica.

Upon successful completion of the training, the participants will obtain a business skills certificate from CEFE Macedonia, while the trainers will confirm their ability as national trainers according to CEFE Methodology.