CEFE Macedonia Launches FinYes Project to Boost Financial Literacy Among Youth

In the preceding year, CEFE Macedonia accomplished a significant milestone with the successful conclusion of a Training of Trainers (ToT) program for Micro Business Games, offering immersive training experiences for microentrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts. Building on this success, CEFE Macedonia is poised to make a lasting impact on financial literacy by initiating the national project “FinYes” (Financial Literacy Skills for Young Entrepreneurs).

The FinYes initiative made possible through training provided by the German Sparkassenstiftung for International Cooperation, marks a strategic move by CEFE Macedonia to empower educators and young individuals across North Macedonia with indispensable financial skills. As the official authorized provider of Micro Business Games for the country, CEFE Macedonia leverages its expertise to launch this initiative, co-financed by the US Embassy in Skopje.

From November 30th to December 3rd, CEFE Macedonia conducted a comprehensive four-day ToT program led by trainers Jovan Stalevski and Elena Gagacheva. The program attracted 20 participants, predominantly consisting of university and high school professors, as well as non-formal educators. Equipping these trainers with the necessary skills, the program sets the stage for local implementations, reaching over 100 young individuals across diverse regions. Upon the successful conclusion of these local sessions, participants will be recognized with a coveted Trainers on Financial Literacy Certificate. The FinYes initiative’s pinnacle is a national financial literacy competition scheduled for April 2024.

The core objective of FinYes is to implement a robust training program, harnessing experiential learning methods and appropriate materials. The initiative zeroes in on 20 educators from primary and high schools in the East and South-West regions, endowing them with facilitation skills critical for delivering effective financial programs to their students. A notable emphasis is placed on empowering young girls with financial knowledge, recognizing the transformative impact this can have on their prospects.

The project adopts a dual-focus approach by building the competencies of over 100 young individuals, with a particular emphasis on girls. Through targeted training and support, participants will acquire essential financial skills that are imperative for making informed decisions and pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities. This strategic initiative is timely and crucial in navigating the rapidly changing landscape of today’s world.

In the spirit of experiential learning, the FinYes initiative ensures that participants engage in practical activities, enabling them to grasp financial concepts tangibly. By incorporating real-life scenarios, case studies, and interactive sessions, the training program goes beyond theoretical knowledge, preparing young individuals to navigate the complexities of the financial world.

As the FinYes initiative gains momentum, CEFE Macedonia remains committed to making a lasting impact on the financial literacy landscape in North Macedonia. The ripple effect of this project is anticipated to extend far beyond the immediate participants, creating a community of financially literate individuals who can contribute meaningfully to the economic development of their regions.

CEFE Macedonia’s FinYes initiative is a testament to the organization’s dedication to fostering financial literacy and empowerment. By strategically targeting educators and young individuals, especially girls, the project aims to create a multiplier effect, equipping a new generation with the skills needed to thrive in an ever-changing economic landscape. As FinYes unfolds, it holds the promise of not just imparting knowledge but also shaping a brighter and more financially secure future for the youth of North Macedonia.