CEFE Macedonia has become a protected trademark

Today we live in a time where the business community is increasingly globalizing and businesses and the world are digitalizing at a rapid pace. The market is becoming more crowded, so if you want to stay competitive, you must offer quality, which is increasingly valued today. Innovation has always been the key to corporate success and remains a source of energy for the knowledge-based economy that is a challenge for every country. Wherever there is a lot of competition, one of the ways to attract customers is to personalize the product.

In CEFE Macedonia try and invest in different ways in maintaining and improving our services. One of those ways is to build CEFE Macedonia into a protected trademark and to confirm the positive reputation. Through this we want to assure our customers that from CEFE Macedonia they receive a service in which they will have confidence and whose quality they can rely on.

One of our main services is consulting in the field of promoting the private sector through training, coaching and mentoring people to become entrepreneurs or improve their business through the CEFE Methodology which uses an experiential learning approach focused on action and learning methods in order to develop and strengthen the managerial and personal skills of entrepreneurs that will then enable sustainable economic development. Our methodology has proven to be a successful approach in promoting entrepreneurship.

The CEFE Macedonia team looks at things in the long run, and we firmly believe that this is the only way to stay competent in the market today.