CEFE Macedonia contributes to the professional development of young people

On 8th and 9th of April, in organziation of AIESEC Prilep was held seminar on leadership (Leadership Inspirational Seminar) at the Faculty of Economics ‐ Prilep.

The seminar was attended by students and high school students to learn the steps to becoming a leader that is needed today. On the seminar were covered several topics of discussion, as some of them were risk taking, leadership theory and practice, creativity and innovation, career competence, time management and team leadership, communication skills, entrepreneurship as a key factor in self‐employment, Through practice to experience and strategic planning. A big thanks to those who were part of the seminar as lecturers and transferred their knowledge to an enthusiastic group of participants. As lecturers were: Jovan Stalevski Mihail Temelkoski‐Dvorchanec, PhD. Monica Angeloska‐Dichovska, Hristijan Bozinosk, Angela Relovska, Cvete Stanojoska, Ognen Janeski, Borce Vasilevski and Vlatko Shejkeroski general manager of Tilla in the session for success Story.

Jovan Stalevski talked about the motives and benefits of being an entrepreneur and the importance of taking the risk as one of the important entrepreneurial traits.



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