Call for participants: Financial Literacy Through Saving Games

Training Course

April – May 2022 |online, Macedonian language

Hello! Thank you for your interest in the Savings Game Workshops – a simulation that aims to discover the advantages and purpose of saving.

What is the program about? Over the course of this program, you will be participating in a three-round learning experience that will prove to be both challenging and rewarding. Managing your family’s budget, you will be looking to outperform similar households in terms of financial literacy and savings – in order to reach the highest Quality of Life. You will help the family in their daily choices as they go through the various important stages of life. Whereas each family member has individual interests, it is up to you as a group to decide what is best for the family in order to increase the Quality of Life for the family as a whole.

How will the training be done? The main methodology is experiential learning through simulations. The centerpiece of the workshop is a game constructed to resemble a typical household situation. As a family, you will be challenged to balance income and costs in the family household, decide upon how you spend the surplus, and how to deal with unexpected events that might impact your budget. One round resembles 5-7 years. After each round of the game, you will receive feedback and analyze your family’s performance relative to the other families.

The program consists of 2 components:

→ TheSavings Game itself, where you will be managing your family throughout the course of 3 rounds, each representing about 5-7 years in real life.

→ 3 Know-how Sessions, which will inform you about different aspects of saving.

Who should attend? The concept of saving probably already sounds familiar to many people. That’s why this workshop is for everyone interested. Students, employed, unemployed, entrepreneurs from 14 years old till 70 years old.

The only thing you need is motivation to participate in a learning environment (remember that our only goal on this planet is to learn), a desktop or laptop computer with ZOOM application installed, and internet connection.

What will you benefit from the training?

– Increased financial literacy in the sense of savings;

– Potential Quality Life for yourself and your family;

– Daily habits for saving money; 

– Certificate of attendance (is issued with presence of at least 80% active participation);

– Collaboration and networking with other participants and potential new friends;

Working language(s): Macedonian

Who will be your trainers/facilitators: Trainers that invested in 10 days of training for trainers with German Sparkassenstiftung Master Trainers. People that are willing to contribute to the economic development of Macedonia, and are professionals in their subjects: consultants, trainers, professors, managers, coordinators, teachers.

  • Elena Gagacheva, (Economist, National CEFE Trainer);
  • Valentina Todoroska, (Project Manager, National CEFE Trainer); 
  • Ana Simonovska (Assoc. professor, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food – Skopje, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje);
  • Ivana Janeska Stamenkovska (Assoc. professor, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food – Skopje, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje);
  • Katerina Misirkova (Office Assistant, Junior Achievement Macedonia, President of JA Macedonia Alumni Club);
  • Valentina Zafirovska, (Teacher, National CEFE Trainer);

When and where will the training happen? The whole workshops will be online, through the meeting platform ZOOM. The indicative dates for the workshops are:

Training 1: 19-22 April 2022 (from 16h to 19h each day)

Training 2: 26-29 April 2022 (from 16h to 19h each day)

Training 3: 06-09 May 2022 (from 16h to 19h each day)

Training 4: 27-29 April 2022 (from 15h to 19h each day)

Training 5: 04-06 May 2022 (from 15h to 19h each day)

Training 6: 01-03 June 2022 (from 15h to 19h each day)

Application and confirmation. To apply for the training/workshops you need to fill the application form at the following link.  Please be informed that the selection is made by the principle first come – first served. Which means don’t wait too long for registration. Just check your availability on the dates for the workshops and invest 3 minutes and fill the application form. 

You will be informed about the selection result by the training coordinators and organizers from CEFE Macedonia several days before training starts.

We will select a maximum of 15 participants for each training. 

Organizers: This program is delivered in Macedonia by: Association of AgroEconomists of Macedonia, Junior Achievement Macedonia and CEFE Macedonia. With the support from the German Sparkassenstiftung ( in Albania and N. Macedonia.

Contacts for questions:

Mr. Jovan Stalevski / Phone: +389 78 437 267 / E-Mail: 

Mr. Blagoj Trajkov / Phone: +389 71 324 959 / E-Mail:  

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