A unique conference for “Strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Macedonia”

(Educational, public and private sector together for the future of entrepreneurship)

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Why this conference? The economic actors and policy creators in Macedonia are constantly seeking solutions to create new jobs and stimulate economic growth.

Through our project “Why go abroad when you can stay and invest in your country” we discovered great programs that stimulate entrepreneurship in almost every region in Macedonia, but it was inevitable to notice the gap existing between the leaders of public institutions and their efforts to support entrepreneurship, the current market opportunities for doing business and the needs and readiness of entrepreneurs. This gap is a place that needs to be developed and worked on to create programs and processes that systematically and measurably will stimulate economic growth.

The connection and relation among institutions, environmental policies and entrepreneurs is what we call “entrepreneurial ecosystem” which means an environment where something live and develop.

Through this project we have mapped and presented an online course that you can find on https://cefe.mk/Investiraj/ what we learned and what we want to present to the guests of the conference is that this ecosystem, as and the other is challenging but very important to maintain and improve.

The aim of the conference

To contribute to the networking and promotion of the existing ways, to support the development of entrepreneurship in the country and create new ideas and policies for the operation in the future. We aim to achieve this through:

– identifying current and future actors in the entrepreneurial ecosystem,

– Highlighting some of the barriers to the creation and development of new companies and how to solve them,

– Identifying steps that policymakers can take to develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country,

– Finding innovative ideas for collaboration between actors in the system, thus resulting in high-growth entrepreneurship.

The Conference is on 19 June 2015 (from 11am to 4pm) in Hotel Capri Bitola

– Two key sessions:

1) Key actors in Macedonian entrepreneurial ecosystem.

2) Policies to promote and strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country.

– Presentation of results from completion


This conference is for students, employees, unemployed aspiring to self-employment potential and existing entrepreneurs, representatives of institutions that support entrepreneurship, financial institutions, NGOs, public institutions policy, leaders and representatives of business incubators, accelerators Business angels, credit funds … then, must attend.

Organized by

CEFE Macedonia

Forum 16- Association for civil activism

– Please fill in the e-form or contact us on info@cefe.mk or on 078/201854 not later than 17 June, 2015.

The selection of the participants will be based on “First registered – first served”.