Тренинг за тренери

CEFE Macedonia, National Youth Council of Macedonia and its European partners are inviting you to participate on this outstanding and innovative training of trainers course, which aims to build the competences of the participants to be able to work with family business successors towards their personal and business growth.

Through this short-term intensive course we will train and prepare You to be able to inform the target groups during the multiplier events and the pilot testing about the FABUSS innovative material and the use of the eLearning Platform. More practically, how to explain the technical specification, present ways on how to deliver the material in order to generate more traffic to the Platform.

> Who should attend?
The training is dedicated to people who are serious in their goals and careers as training professionals and consultants. Trainers, Consultants, Project managers, Entrepreneurs, Facilitators, and Employees in agencies for supporting entrepreneurship etc. Especially people who are eager to help the family business successors in the process of succession and development of their family business and are interested in entrepreneurship. There is no age limit.

> What should you expect?
Organisation of Briefing and “Train the trainers” sessions are consisted of Briefing sessions, piloting Workshop simulation, Group Management and Evaluation techniques. Selected trainers from all partner countries will participate in intensive briefing on the project’s background, its objectives and especially on the character, the content and the administrative arrangements associated with the planned training activities of young family business prospective successors.

> What are the FABUSS Training Modules:
– Understanding Family Business Related Issues
– Transnational Similarities and Differences
– Growth Strategies for Family Businesses
– Next Generation Leadership
– Effective Governance & Decision Making
– Communication & Conflict Management

> What you will gain?
– Training by international experts in the field of family businesses;
– Networking with like-minded people from Greece, Cyprus, Macedonia, Italy, Bulgaria and Portugal who has the same goal as you;
– Opportunity to work as a trainer in realizing pilot training;
– Strengthening your personal and organization’s capacity with practical knowledge in the field of family business succession;
– New skills and abilities in the field of family business succession and entrepreneurship;
– Build common ideas and projects for multiplying events.
– The participants will receive a certificate issued by the consortium, verifying the total number of hours of the course and the scope of the training. In addition, the Europass will be used to describe the knowledge and skills gained as a result of participation in training activities.

> Working language(s): English

> Where is the venue and how much it will cost me?
The training will take place in Hotel Russia, Skopje from 5th to 9th of February. The sessions will last from 10 am till 16 pm. Arrival of international participants is expected not later than 04th February and departure not later than 10th February 2018.

Training and all materials will be covered by the project.

> How to apply?
Fill our on-line application form HERE.
Send your CV to: nikola.petrovski@nms.org.mk and info@cefe.mk
Application deadline: 23.01.2018. You will be informed about the selection result on: 26.01.2018

If you have any questions, contact us at:
Jovan Stalevski (CEFE Macedonia) info@cefe.mk
Nikola Petrovski (NYCM) nikola.petrovski@nms.org.mk

> Hosting Organisations
CEFE Macedonia – The organization had its initial forming by CEFE trainers which met and participated in CEFE Training of Trainers in 1997 in FYR Macedonia. The main mission is to promote and build entrepreneurship competences among the economical actors in the societies. CEFE Macedonia was officially established in 2008 in Skopje, as a non-profit, non-partisan organisation. Since than we use CEFE Methodology as a main tool to create entrepreneurs all around the world.

NYCM – National Youth Council of Macedonia is a youth umbrella organisation that unites 50 organizations: 20 youth organizations, 16 organizations for youth, 1 union, 8 wings of political parties and 5 associate members, in order to promote and advocate for the rights of the Macedonian youth. The mission of the NYCM is to represent the interests and needs of young people as a liaison to all stakeholders to ensure involvement and active participation of youth in decision-making at every level.
The training is part of the project “Family Business Successful Succession”, Co-funded by European Union Erasmus + Program

> What is the FABUSS project about?
FABUSS is a 24 months ERASMUS YOUTH project which aims at helping young persons related to family business become able and effective successors. Its target group consists of 18-35 years old persons who wish to take over their family business at some point in the future. These aspiring successors need skills and knowledge to effectively develop the business by applying new innovative strategies, including extension of their markets, through networking and cooperation with similar enterprises in other countries.

The project’s main results are:

(a) Identification and analysis of regional needs in the field of family business succession and youth entrepreneurship;

(b) Creation and implementation of an ICT tool (Learning Platform) to improve the level of entrepreneurial skills and the knowledge of young persons, required in the process of succession of family businesses;

(c) Support and facilitation of strategic planning of family enterprises, based on realistic processes to mitigate risks of failure in their succession and family business management.

The FABUSS Project will build upon existing research and family business related projects to offer hand on and practical support to next generation family business leaders, outgoing family business leaders and youth organizations interested in supporting the longevity of such businesses.

> Partners in the consortium:
ACCI – Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Greece – Coordinator;
ALBA – Alba Kollegio Dioikisis Epicheiriseon Somateio, Greece;
Enoros Consulting Ltd, Cyprus;
YEU Cyprus – Youth For Exchanges And Understanding, Cyprus;
CEFE Macedonia, FYROM;
NYCM – National Youth Council Of Macedonia, FYROM;
TUCEP – Tiber Umbria Comett Education Programme, Italy;
IPS at UNWE – Institute For Postgraduate Studies, Bulgaria;
UAB – Universidade Aberta, Portugal.

“EARTH is a FAMILY business” – Robert Mandel