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Based on the main objective – development of people’s business competences. Our work related challenges are: economic, rural and personal development, professional education, private sector promotion, reforming public institutions, financial management as well as creation of economic policies.

Our areas of expertise are private sector development, creation of entrepreneurial environment, education and development of the labor market, empowering youth and therefor, it is our pleasure to offer You the following services:

  • Providing adequate expert or partner organization support;
  • Customized trainings according to Your needs which can be of open type:
    • „Training for developing business skills” – standardized CEFE training for developing business skills. Designed to be adapted to a specific target group: youth, women, rural areas individuals, startups, employees etc.
    • „Skills Pays Bills” – Training focused on development of employability skills and carriers of youth individuals.
    • „Inclusive employability skills” – Training program for gaining skills and knowledge regarding employability adjusted towards people with disabilities.
    • „MANGO” – Training for management of Non-Government Organizations.
    • „Training for trainers” – Training for acquiring trainer skills + training for licensed CEFE trainers.
    • „Incitement of creativity and innovativeness” – Training for creative thinking, problem solving and improving the decision making process.
    • „Management excellence” – Set of management trainings according to the specific increase of participant’s competencies.
    • „Public-private partnership”
    • „Beyond Silicon Valley” – Program for boosting of a region’s economical development.
    • „Social Entrepreneurship” – Training for creation of social enterprises as well as social entrepreneurship models.

And closed type (in-house in Your organization) – team building trainings, facilitating of retreat events and all of the above mentioned trainings.

  • Concept preparation or project idea according to Your needs;
  • Implementation of parts of programs;
  • Full project management according to Your demands (starting from providing field experts who will develop the concept, followed by presenting project proposal, then executing the approved project, all the way to continuously coordinating the project team);

Clients: In the past we have collaborated with broad range of clients, by delivering various business trainings, such as: GTZ offices in the region, The World Bank, CEED Skopje, European Agency for Reconstruction, MIKROSAM Prilep, Macedonian Municipalities, CTU Montenegro, Spark Amsterdam, Business Incubator – Bitola etc.

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