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Sales is the highest paid profession in the world!

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This proves the result. When we successfully sell our products, it brings life to all companies. It’s not for nothing that while we do not sell, we have no business!
That the sales solved all the problems, were proof of the many pact exercises that the participants experienced during the Training Skills and Techniques training held on July 13, 2017 at the CEFE Macedonia Training Center in Skopje.
The participation of 22 managers, vendors, entrepreneurs and students contributed to the successful realization of the goals of this training and exchange of experiences and development of numerous discussions and dilemmas about the methods and techniques of sales, the needs of the clients, the different strategies and personal successes and failures Around the sales process. It is interesting that through real case studies from the present companies, conclusions were drawn on the following topics:
• What is selling?
• Which elements lead to sales?
• Features of a successful salesman,
• Is customer care important?
• Communication in sales,
• Whether it is good or not to cooperate with competition,
• Sales strategies

The trainer, Zoran Vitanov, completely used the CEFE methodology in the most practical way to strengthen the skills of the participants for the sale.

Take a look at the exciting moments of training in the album on our Facebook page
We thank Television 24 for covering the event. Welcome to the conversation with the president of our organization Jovan Stalevski
Thanks to TV Sitel for the contribution he recorded with CEFE trainer Zoran Vitanov, about the conditions and needs of the sale as a profession

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