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Loans could shine or burn down your business

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Aiming to document successful entrepreneurial stories from the region, we spoke with Toni Tasevski (46), from Logovardi, Bitola. He narrates his experience and story about beginnings, challenges and success of his agriculture business.

Toni comes from agricultural family and almost all his ancestors were farmers. He cultivates his own and rented land. He owns mechanic equipment (tractors, combines and quite terminal equipment), and mainly he grows cauliflower, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes and corn. He also do combining and harvesting.

For expansion of production and cost reduction he decided to seek additional funds from institutions. Trough friends and acquaintances he got informed about the possibilities in Bitola and started cooperation with Stedilnica Moznosti. That was 11 years ago, in March 2004. To this date

Toni used credit 9 times. He also realized credit line through MRFP in 2010, buying a tractor. Until now he didn’t faced more serious challenges and obstacles in returning of loans or his working, except the price variations at buyers contracts or some climate conditions which affects the quality or quantity of the products.

He continuously developed and invested in their business, and as a result, is happy that there was an increase in the value of machinery and equipment total (11 years ago began with one tractor and combine). Funds from loans that were used as intended insurrection (purchase of a tractor, combine purchasing, irrigation system, buying agricultural machines, as well as for working capital and prepared for sowing).

His wife, who is a registered farmer, is actively involved in the work, and gives great support in. They also told us about their future plans with their family in general.

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