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How has an online course helped in developing the entrepreneurship in the world?

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One Massive Open Online Course, which featured the story of Cleveland, Ohio, where the local economic and political leaders have created measures to encourage and retain young talents and businesses in the state, and not to flee to Silicon Valley, created a massive movement for development of entrepreneurs around the world.

The online course Beyond Silicon Valley, manufactured at the Case Western Reserve University and taught by Professor Michael Goldberg, attracted 135,000 students from 190 countries around the world! The effects of this course on a global scale are documented in a book, written by Professor Michael Goldberg.

The book “Beyond Silicon Valley: How One Online Course Helped Support Global Entrepreneurs” tells 20 stories of 20 people who have contributed to the development of entrepreneurship in different regions of the world, which are very different from Silicon Valley. Regions that face economic hardship, political instability, war crises, corruption, or cultural aversion to entrepreneurs.

  • CEFE Macedonia and the CEFE The methodology is among the 20 stories in the book, described and documented as: Networkers of economic actors in the state;
  • Incentives for cooperation between different sectors in Macedonia for developing entrepreneurs and encouraging international projects for economic development;
  • Motivators for many young people to start to see and understand entrepreneurship as a possible career for personal and professional development.

Through the activities of Jovan Stalevski, Elena Stojanovska, Natasa Chavdarovska and Iskra Trajkovska, as well as the support from the US Embassy in Macedonia, the Macedonian story for the development of entrepreneurship in the form of an online course was produced. It was exactly this online course and business meetings that were organized in over 10 cities in Macedonia that contributed to covering over 500 people on events, over 3,000 views on YouTube, shown to over 300,000 inhabitants through TERA Television, as well as transmitted by national and international media .

As Professor Goldberg’s studies show, over 25% of all online students were encouraged to cooperate with CSOs to develop entrepreneurial ecosystems in their regions, while 17% have created significant collaboration between their civil society organizations with other public or private subjects (schools, faculties, public institutions, companies).

We at CEFE Macedonia are proud to be part of this global story of connecting entrepreneurs and we can freely say that “where politics separates, entrepreneurship unites.”

The book “Beyond Silicon Valley: How One Online Course Helped Support Global Entrepreneurs” is available for free download in PDF format at (Kindle version along with a printed version will soon be available on Amazon).

The production of this book, which must be read by anyone involved in the support of entrepreneurship, was made possible with a grant from the Burton D. Morgan Foundation Foundation.

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