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Call for experts to create content for online modules

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CEFE Macedonia within the project “Entrepreneurial learning for young people” should prepare content for online modules. For this purpose requires experts to develop online content modules.

The project will offer informal activities 60 youth – 20 from Macedonia, 20 from Romania and 20 from Greece, with the aim of developing transversal and entrepreneurial skills.
The activities of the project, 60 young people will be offered the necessary knowledge to become entrepreneurs. Informal activities will create a space in which young people over 30 workshops will develop their own business plans supported by professionals and financial institutions. Depending on the topics prevailing ideas through youth, helpers will be: entrepreneurs, Business Planing advisers, accountant, lawyer and expert manufacturing / services. These activities will provide the time needed for 60 young people to develop entrepreneurial skills and understand what it means to be an entrepreneur and how he plans to react in different situations. Then, they will simulate startup business and acquire the skills of a dynamic entrepreneur and simulate employment, finding partners, suppliers and the process of developing a product / service. This activity, 60 young people will develop practical entrepreneurial skills that will experience what it means to be an entrepreneur.
The project is funded by the Erasmus + program under KA2 Entrepreneurial learning for youth.
Partners of this project are: Association Sprijin si Dezvoltare-Romania, CRYSTALCLEARSOFT-Greece.

The goals that we want to achieve with this call are the following:

-To make online training material that will serve young people easier to understand entrepreneurship and the challenges associated with it.
-Compatible training materials will represent the online course and should include theoretical and practical-experiential part. In doing so they should represent a whole.
Material should include examples from real life to young people easily grasp the concepts of entrepreneurship.

Topics that will create online courses are as follows:

1: What means entrepreneurship, characteristics, myths, barriers at personal and external level. Historical, economical and multidisciplinary approach of entrepreneurship.
2: Why become an entrepreneur, benefits and fears.
3: Business and Work Ethics.
4: Entrepreneurial Characteristics – traits that make one successful.
5: Business Plan steps, Types of Business plans, best fit for your idea.
6: Sparkling Creativity and Innovation; Generating business ideas.
7: Micro & Macro analysis, Risk Assessment and SWOT Analysis.
8: Goal Setting, Factors that influence the entrepreneur and the enterprise, motivation.
9: Introducing Marketing Mix.
10: Target and segmentation market, Industry and Market Analysis: definition, segmentation, size, growth, trends, existing products / service.
11: Costumer Analysis (type, size, industry, growth, trends, customer’s profiles) and Competitive Analysis (capabilities, strategies, goals, response from competition)
12: Marketing strategy, positioning and pricing.
13: Market Survey and Research.
14: Product / Service Development & Adjustment (Based on Market Research)

Expected results of the experts:

-Every module for online course should be written in English and be between 14 and 16 pages.
-To prepare at least 3 manuals \ exercises.
-To prepare quizzes at least 2 (before and after).
-Delivery one-day workshop under the project Entrepreneurial learning among young people.
-To be free for 1 team meeting before the start of writing modules, and another 1 team meeting during operation.

Profile experts:

-To understand or have experience in creating online courses.
At least 3 years expertise in the field of entrepreneurship.
-To be free for communication and coordination in the period 20 June to 10 July 2017 year.

All interested experts are required to submit:
-Labeled for which the module is reported.
Draft plan session would look like their module.

We invite all interested to submit their offers via email at later than 20.06.2017 year. Selected experts should submit the final products later than 10.07.2017 year.
For more information please contact us at the following numbers:

+389 78 437 267 Jovan
+389 78 241 181 Kristijan

What do we offer?
-Flexible time
-Fee to create modules 350 euros gross + maintenance day workshop 100 euro gross
Selection of experts will be performed under the relevant experience and their work plan. After the expiry of the deadline for submission of necessary materials experts will be contacted for deciding the election.

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