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Beyond Silicon Valley Online Entrepreneurship Course

On 23.10.2019, Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) Professor Michael Goldberg hosted a ZOOM seminar with the students from the University and guest speakers from around the world: Mr. Fatos Axhemi, from Jakova Innovation Center in Kosovo, Mr. Jovan Stalevski from CEFE Macedonia and Mrs. Casilda, expat entrepreneur from Venezuela to USA.

The joint class of guest speakers and CWRU students focused on how the war/political crisis is impacting economies and entrepreneurs and making recommendations how the Venezuelan entrepreneurial ecosystem could more effectively provide support to startups post-crisis.

Previous this seminar, students from CWRU, made interviews with 14 Venezuelan entrepreneurs on how it is to functioning as a business or entrepreneurs in the moment of crisis.


Professor Goldberg organized a cohort in 2018 of Syrians to take Beyond Silicon Valley alongside a group of his CWRU students. The joint class of Syrian and CWRU students nurtured recommendations to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) on how the entrepreneurs can be supported in post war areas, and you can see a short video on the collaboration here.

In this semester and fall 2018, CEFE Macedonia’s experience in building and strengthening entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country was discussed and taken as an example as a role of an NGO what is doing to support economic development.

The videos that serves as a documenting and informing about the support of Macedonian entrepreneurs you can watch here. Also the book that promotes the CEFE Macedonia’s role in the Macedonian ecosystem can be accessed and downloaded here.

Professor Goldberg launched Beyond Silicon Valley on Coursera in April 2014 and it has attracted over 175,000 students from 190 countries over the past 5 years. Beyond Silicon Valley has been translated into 16 languages (most on Coursera platform) including Spanish.

More of this seminars and live discussions will take place on selected Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:45-2 pm Caracas time during the CWRU fall semester which runs from the end of August until the beginning of December. Sessions will be recorded for students that are not able to attend the live discussions.

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