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Are family businesses in Macedonia inherited?

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You have or know a family business? CEFE Macedonia is a friend of your business and want to help you successfully inherit your generations. Sign in research which carries on throughout Macedonia and get significant support.

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Gains will offer project FABUSS for successful succession of family businesses is as follows:
– Innovative training materials to train successors following business for successful;
– Online platform for learning and sharing good and bad practices by businesses of Southern Europe;
– Connecting with potential clients and partners from Southern Europe;
– experts and consultants;
– Possibility of long-term cooperation and linkage with financial institutions to support business;

The FABUSS (FAmily BUsiness Successful Succession) project is a 24 months ERASMUS YOUTH project which aims at helping young persons related to family business become able and effective successors. Its target group consists of 18-35 years old persons who wish to take over their family business at some point in the future. These aspiring successors need skills and knowledge to effectively develop the business by applying new innovative strategies, including extension of their markets, through networking and cooperation with similar enterprises in other countries.

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