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Apply for business academy

ASSOCIATION OF CITIZENS CEFE MACEDONIA SKOPJE and  CRYSTALCLEARSOFT ANONYMOS ETAIREIA PAROCHIS YPIRESION LOGISMIKOU are selecting 20 youth to participate in the project Entrepreneurial education for youth Project, funded by the European Union through Erasmus + Programme.
The aim of the project: to develop a programme for entrepreneurship, who will work at European level, which will facilitate the personal and professional development of entrepreneurship competences of 60 youth from Romania, Macedonia and Greece.

Participants profile:
– 10 youths aged between 17-30 years old
– 10 youths aged between 17-30 years old with fewer opportunities facing economical obstacle: young people with a low standard of living, low income, dependence on social welfare system; or in long-term unemployment or poverty; or young people who are homeless, young people in debt or with financial problems.

Selection criteria
–    To that have a job and want to become entrepreneur/ unemployed/ students (university or high-school).
–    To be on the target group description/ profile
–    The desire to personal and professional development
–    To have intention to become entrepreneur
–    To use the gained/ developed competences after the project through follow up
–    The gender equality will be ensured.
–    Respecting the principle of equal chances, there will be no discrimination based on religion, sex, origin, nationality, beliefs or values, sexual orientation, disability.

Through this project the youths will develop their entrepreneurial competences. The project will create a space for the youth to met experts from the field of business, public and education to develop their business plans and ideas, and they will simulate opening a business. The project will offer material and business plans computer program, online open courses and business magazines to help the youth to develop their ideas.

The youth will also have the chance to travel to Romania, Transylvania for 7 days, to learn and simulate an social business in a multicultural environment. The youth will get the chance to identify their aspirations and professional objectives, how they can became entrepreneur, and what are the entrepreneurship policy at local and European level and how to use this policy to become entrepreneur.

They will understand what competences they need to develop to continue the professional and personal development and the benefits of being entrepreneur.

In order to be selected the youth need to be involved in all the activities of the project:
–    They will participate in  17 workshops during July – November 2017, each workshop will take a day (with an average of 3.4 days/ month)
–    To participate in the youth mobility in Romania Transylvania in the beginning of December (7 days)
–    To participate in 9 workshops during January – June 2018, each workshop will take a day (with an average of 2.17 days/ month)
–    To participate in 4 workshops during July – September 2018, each workshop will take a day

In order to apply to participate in this project please fill the application form or send us an e-mail:

Application deadline 25.05.2017.

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