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2. Why go abroad when you can stay and INVEST IN (develop) your country? Period of realization: 01.12.2014 until 31.05.2015

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Financed by: US Embassy grant

Implemented by: CEFE Macedonia in partnership with the NGOs: Center for sustainability and advanced education Bitola and Forum 16 Bitola.

Period of realization: 01.12.2014 until 31.05.2015

GOAL: to prevent brain drain, to contribute to the reduction of unemployment and to further develop the entrepreneurship, thus enhancing the economic and business development in R. Macedonia.


– To produce 9 videos with interviews with people from different sectors about what types of support for entrepreneurs are currently available in Macedonia and how the situation could be improved;

– To present sources of support currently offered to the existing companies in order further to expand their businesses and to startups in order to motivate people (especially faculty students) to establish their own businesses (organizing meet-ups in Skopje, Bitola, Tetovo, Shtip, Ohrid and Strumica);

– To introduce the state institutions in charge of development of entrepreneurship how they can more actively support entrepreneurs through examples of different ways from other economies;

– To enhance cross sectorial cooperation between the government, businesses and faculties in order to try to incorporate creative approaches to support the growth of entrepreneurs.

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