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12. Entrepreneurial education for youth project

Project name: Entrepreneurial education for youth
Programme: Erasmus+
The project period: 1st February 2017 – 31 January 2019
Project description:
The project will create non-formal activities for 60 youths, 20 from Macedonia, 20 from Romania and 20 from Greece in order to equip them with transversal competences, entrepreneurship competences.
The project activities will offer the 60 youth the needed knowledge in order to become an entrepreneur. The non-formal activities will create a space for the youth to develop their own business plan with the help of professionals: 4 entrepreneur, 2 business advisers, an accountant, an attorney, product/ service experts, depending on the main field of developed ideas of the youths and 2 financial institutions in 9 workshops. This activities will ensure the needed time for the 60 youths in order to develop entrepreneurial competences and to understand what mean to be entrepreneur, how an entrepreneur plan and react in different situation. Then they will simulate the start-up of the enterprise and they will gain competences for a dynamic entrepreneur and they will simulate the hiring, identifying partners, suppliers how to develop the product/ service. The activity will develop for the 60 youth the practical entrepreneurship competences, to experience and to gain experience on what entrepreneur means.
The project will create a space for the 60 youth to develop entrepreneurship competences in a long life learning perspective and to meet professionals from business sector to keep the youth updated and to transfer their knowledge regarding organisational management, logistics, financial management and human, production/ services and human resource management. The database will function as a space for youth in order to develop their entrepreneurship competences in an intercultural context that deals with European trends.
The 3 organisations will develop practice in order to develop the entrepreneurship competences for youth. They will create a new programme based on the results, feedback, new needs and new ideas identified during the implementation the 2 partners will in order to create a new ways to distribute the information regarding the entrepreneurship education among young people.
The organisation will create also intellectual outputs in order to support entrepreneurship among young people. The online courses will teach the youth the most important aspects regarding the entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurship magazine will offer youth a practical perspective of the entrepreneurships and social entrepreneurship, trends and examples, tips and tricks. The 3 organisations will develop an entrepreneurship computer programme in order to facilitate the youth to put ideas into practice, the programme will guide the youth and will help them to create a business plan, to create different scenarios and to start the enterprise.
The project will develop an organisation network that will support the development of entrepreneurship competences for youth, and that support the interaction between business sector and youth.
The project is anchored in the international system of human rights: promoting gender equality between the participants, taking account of the youth needs, aspirations, interests and attitudes in the process of making the intellectual outputs and improved dialogue and exchange of knowledge and expertise.
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