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1. „Training of trainers according to the CEFE methodology“ Period of realization: 01.02-31.05.2014

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Financed by: European Commission under the Youth in Action program

Implemented by: CEFE Macedonia

Period of realization:01.02-31.05.2014

GОАL: to tackle the issue of youth unemployment, stimulating unemployed young people’s mobility and active participation in enterprising societies.

CEFE Macedonia had a host role in the project, welcoming 27 participants (young facilitators, trainers and educators) from 9 countries (Greece, Romania, Turkey, Albania, Georgia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Lithuania) and providing them 10 days opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge about CEFE methodology regarding the entrepreneurship and being of owner of small and medium sized enterprises (SME) as a way for reduction of unemployment. The training was held in Bitola, R. Macedonia from 15 until 25th of March 2014. Also the project offered valuable chances for networking and enhancing the capacities of NGOs and exchange of experience, expertise and good practices.


The objectives of the project were the following:

  • To increase participants’ competence in state of the art CEFE application;
  • To enhance familiarity with recent tools and exercises;
  • To develop the ability to create new exercises and training programs;
  • To strengthen the capacities of NGOs in the process of taking actions for tackling the growing youth unemployment;
  • To increase awareness of the value and importance of youth participation as a form of active engagement in the society, through boosting the entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and creativity.

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